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Here are key benefits you can accrue using the Dochase platform

Audience Targeting

Discover the right audience for your product across websites, social media and mobile. Our deep analytic technology processes millions of anonymized user data to understand and specify your target audience.

Efficient Spending

With proper targeting and focus on the target auidence coupled with quality traffic you can save the whole lot of resources hitherto spend on unproductive channels

Increased Reach

Dochase Exchange culminates with an expanded inventory from Direct publishers and Apps to major exchanges such as Bidswitch, OpenX, Google Adx etc.

Top Websites, Blogs and Apps globally.

We take the time coupled with our integration team to directly connect to the top websites and apps from all over the globe.

Agency and Ad Network Integration

We have developed a robust system to integrate agencies, ad networks as well as DSP's to our platfrom in a real-time, seamless process.

Self Served Platform

Customer satisfaction is key so we have a fully supported self-served platfrom in which anyone can create,access and expand campaigns.



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